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Arrow Season 5 Episode 1 Reaction – Legacy

Do not read past this point unless you have watched up to season 5 episode 1 of Arrow.

Arrow is a show that has fallen downhill especially last season. It has earned the nickname of Felicity and Friends by many people who either once watched or are still watching the show because of the shift of plot focus from Oliver to Felicity. Oliver is the technically the namesake of this show. Also with Damien Darhk last season magic was introduced to the show, something that has no place in a show about a super hero with amazing fighting skills and no actual superpowers. And two characters died and were then brought back erasing the emotional effect of their deaths because the week after their deaths they will be alive.

With this episode it looks like the show is coming back. There was no magic at all, just people with good fighting skills. Oliver is the mayor and a bad one at that. The Legacy of Laurel is living on with the statue of the Black Canary being placed at the waterfront of the city and Oliver thinking about what she would have wanted. Both Oliver and Ex-Detective Lance fall off the wagon with Lance drinking and Oliver killing like he did in the first season.

The episode focused around a gang lead by a man who enjoys using iron knuckles. The gang doesn’t matter much. About a quarter through the episode they kidnapped Oliver and a few city officials at the Black Canary ceremony. Oliver escapes with the help of Thea since he doesn’t want everyone to know he is the Green Arrow. He kills someone to keep his secret something which Thea scolds him for later on.

After he escapes Lance tells Oliver that a few police officers want to aid the Green Arrow. Oliver goes in with these officers and saves the officials. The gang leader escaped but to Oliver there was still a victory. He discovered that the police force he had indirectly called corrupt earlier in the episode still had non-corrupt officers in it. Also he realized that he needed a team.

Since Felicity literally begs Oliver to form a new team with the random vigilantes on the street she was of course shocked. I wasn’t because it was revealed in the season trailers. Oliver calls Diggle up to ask him if he thinks its a good idea. Diggle agrees. Though the team hasn’t been created yet we know it will happen and we know at least one of the future members.

The episode ends with Oliver forming the Anti Crime Force which will work directly with him, him deciding to form a new vigilante team, a reveal of Felicity’s new boyfriend, and a reveal of the villain of this season. The villain is a man who is dressed almost exactly like the Green Arrow. The last words said in the episode are from the villain saying that he is not the Green Arrow as he beats up a cop.

I hope that this is a start of a comeback for this show. It was great the first season. I can’t wait until next episode when the Oliver gathers possible members for his new team. It will be exciting to watch.


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