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The Flash Season 3 Episode 1 Reaction – Flashpoint

Do not read past this point unless you have watched up to The Flash season 3 episode 1.

Now I am going to make this reaction short since I already wrote my reaction once. Slow internet caused everything I wrote to be deleted. I will avoid the summary that I normally do. Though I will still summarize a few details.

I was excited for this episode because it would show the consequences of Barry’s actions when he went back in time to save his mother despite knowing that there would be consequences of some sort. In the comics and the animated movie this action leads to the Flashpoint arc where Barry returns to his own time and finds that everything is different now. Cisco doesn’t know him and is a pompous jerk. Caitlin also doesn’t know him and is an optometrist. Joe is a drunk. Wally is the Flash, and Iris helps him in his fight against evil.

Everything is different but Barry’s parents are still alive and that is all that matters to him. Nothing bad happens until he starts using his speed more frequently and he starts forgetting his memories of his original timeline. The Reverse Flash tells Barry that this is a side effect of changing a fixed point in history. Barry doesn’t care.

When Barry kidnaps everyone and brings them to Cisco’s company building which was formally known as Star Labs he tells his friends everything. Except that they don’t really know Barry in this timeline. They believe him though and he and Wally go to defeat the Rival who is Wally’s enemy once and for all.

To everyone’s surprise the Rival removes his cowl and says that his name is Edward Clariss. The battle starts with Wally ignoring Barry’s original plan. This ends with him getting injured so bad that he can no longer fight. Barry then defeats the Rival after forgetting more of his memories and the Rival is shot by Joe who came after hearing about the fight. Joe and Barry bring Wally back to Cisco’s company where he is unconscious and won’t regenerate like he should.

This is when Barry realizes that he needs to fix his mistake. He talks to his parents about how the last three months were fantastic though he leaves literally the entire story out. Barry begs the Reverse Flash to help him fix things. The Reverse Flash goes back in time, kills Barry’s mother, and then brings Barry back to his own timeline.

The episode ends with a mysterious message being scratched into Barry’s timeline Edward Clariss who is awakened by a creepy voice. The message says simply “Alchemy”.

There are a few questions I have for this episode. What does Alchemy mean? How was the Reverse Flash able to move back forward in time when he was supposed to have lost his powers after he killed Barry’s mother? What happened between Joe and Iris? These questions will be answered eventually.

Also I heard that there is a major plot hole but I don’t see it unless people mean the powers of the Reverse Flash not being lost. I don’t like calling things plot holes before the story arc is over because they can be filled in later on. However this could be a plot hole and if it is then it is a big one.

I can’t wait until the next episode. Hopefully at least one of those questions will be answered then. Also I think Alchemy is related to the major villain of this season. They may show their face next episode, but since an invisible being scratched the message into Clariss’s mirror that is unlikely. We may have an invisible villain for a while that controls things from the shadows. Like Zoom except without revealing himself.


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