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Bungou Stray Dogs 2 Episode 13 Reaction

Do not read past this point unless you have watched up to episode 13 of Bungou Stray Dogs.

I won’t normally write a reaction post for an anime episode though I may start in the future if I either really liked the episode, I hated it, or if it caused me to feel a lot. I am writing this post because Bungou Stray Dogs was one of my favourite anime from the Spring 2016 season. This season it has returned. I was excited when I heard that this episode would be released today though I do find it slightly strange that there is no episode title or description on Crunchy Roll.

This episode delves into Dazai’s past with the Port Mafia. He was an executive member and acted the part strangeness included. He is still into suicide in the past and he is still failing. There is one point in the episode where he is playing on his gameboy while talking to one of the lower ranking members and when he went to go inspect some bodies he tossed the gameboy at his subordinate and made him play.

This episode did not center around Dazai. It centered around another member of the Port Mafia, Sakunosuke. He is the lowest ranking member and has a special ability that allows him to see 6 seconds into the future named Flawless. He is also known for his reluctance to kill anyone which is why he is essentially the handyman of the Port Mafia.

Sakunosuke is ordered to find another member who has disappeared. This other member was drinking with Sakunosuke and Dazai the night before he got these orders. He is given a piece of paper which allows him to order executives around. Meanwhile Dazai is investigating an invasion of one of the Port Mafia storehouses.

Sakunosuke realizes that the person he is hunting is a part of mimic after he finds a gun that is connected to Mimic in his apartment. As Sakunosuke is running towards a sniper who had taken a shot with him he is cornered by two members of Mimic. This ends in these members being mowed down by Dazai’s underlings. Then one of the Mimic members survives and aims a gun at Dazai in which case he walks up to the member and asks him to pull the trigger. The member does and when he does he gets shot again this time Sakunosuke adds his gunfire. The episode ends with Dazai having blood dripping down his face from the missed gunshot which must have grazed his face and Sakunosuke going to continue his search for the other member.

This is an interesting point to return to because when we last left off Atsushi and the others had just defeated their first Guild member. Of course this is a very important flash back, or so I think because it will explain why Dazai left the Port Mafia. Also at the beginning some one mentioned stray dogs which may lead to an exclamation of the title. It was a good episode though it took me a while to watch it because the video was stuttery even at the lowest resolution. I am sure that this arc will end next episode. I could find out what happens by reading the manga because even though many things are changed between the manga and anime the major events are at least the same. I won’t though.


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