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200th Post and Update

This is my 200th post on my blog. Considering that about three quarters of these posts were written within the last four months that is amazing. I don’t really have much to celebrate though because all I’ve accomplished is write a ton of posts over a period of time. I am sure that someone out there has written the same amount of posts within a shorter time period. Some of my posts are rather long.

Just a few things I want to talk about. The first of these is that next week starting on Saturday I will be posting less. You may see a few reaction posts and an Inktober post for each day. It is Thanksgiving next week in Canada and I am going home for study week.

The other thing is that I have had a couple of ideas as to things I can do on my blog. One of these is that I was thinking I could do some sort of character battle. I would choose two very similar characters, write a background on them, and then ask people who would win. They would post their votes and reasons for why they voted that way in the comments section. None of these characters would be my own of course since this is my blog.

Another is that I’ve thought of going back to past anime and writing some sort of analysis post. This won’t be like the ones I normally write. They will focus on certain episodes. Also I could write top ten lists.

I have also been thinking about drawing a picture every day after Inktober is over.

Please tell me in the comments if you have any feedback based on these ideas. Also if you like anything I wrie on this blog feel free to follow my blog. That is the next milestone I want to reach, 100 followers on my blog. Now time to draw my Inktober picture at last.

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