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Summer 2016 Dropped Anime

This is a list of all the anime I dropped this season as well as my reason as to why I dropped them. I actually dropped quite a few anime this season despite there being a lot of series that were in my preferred genres. Remember that these are my opinions, and if there is a show on this list remember also that what I like may not be what you like. If you think I didn’t give a show a chance just tell me. Maybe I’ll change my mind and watch it. Here are the anime series that I dropped this past season.

Alderamin on the Sky

alderamin-on-the-skyThis series I dropped after watching part of the first episode. I didn’t watch the entire thing because I reached a point where the dialogue disgusted me. This was after the opening scene where the apparent protagonist woke up in a hammock then boarded a ship with some other people including a girl from a high ranking family. The ship was going to some form of officer school. I thought it was interesting from this scene alone though I did find the protagonist annoying.

The scene that made me drop this series immediately was when the characters were moving into their room inside the ship. The first person other than the protagonist and the girl caused a round of introductions. This was another girl and the protagonist immediately started hitting on her. Or at least I think that girl was first. She could have come next. After that several other people started walking into the room starting a whole other round of introductions. Meanwhile the protagonist was still hitting on that girl and announcing that she was his to the other guys.

This is bad writing. It is boring. When the introductions start again it is merely a repeat of information we as the watcher already know. These introductions could have just as easily happened off screen, and this scene could have been replaced with a different scene that showed all the characters without all the introductions. Also the protagonist hitting on that girl made me disgusted by what I saw of his character.

I have heard that this is a great anime if you only look at the battles, but there is no chance that I will ever give it a chance. If there is one scene that is this poorly written there are bound to be others later on in the series. I thought the setting and concept was interesting, but the characters and their dialogue was simply atrocious.



berserkThe reason why I dropped this anime is simple. I have yet to watch the original Berserk and I have heard awful things from Berserk fans about the new Berserk. I watched 3 episodes before dropping it though. I did want to get to know the characters more but I think I could do that more by either watching the original anime or by reading the manga though there are a few decades worth of that. I noticed a few things from what I’ve watched. The CGI animation style was wonky most of the time. The tiny fairy was annoying and had no reason to be there. There were characters who died simply to show Guts’s powers and his curse. It was awful all around. Instead of finishing this series I will go and watch the original anime.


Taboo Tattoo

taboo-tattooI only finished the first episode of this one. I was interested in the series because of the first episode but after hearing the name of the female American agent I ended up dropping it. Also I just couldn’t seem to get into the second episode. I lost interest pretty fast. The fight scenes were pretty interesting though. The bad things I noticed from that episode include the cliched lost American technology, the characters were awkward, the main character was the generic guy who likes to save people, and the explanation at the end as to why the main character didn’t need something to activate his tattoo was stupid because it could have been just as possible for the tattoo to have been activated by his blood.



1rewriteThis anime I dropped nearly halfway through. I don’t really have a good reason other than that my internet cut out during the last episode I watched and after that I couldn’t get back into it. It was an interesting anime, not the best but merely interesting. It definitely doesn’t reach anywhere near the level of another anime based off of a light novel, Fate:Zero. Also the female school uniforms in this show are stupid. They all wear frilly dresses that you would expect to see at a school dance.

Ange Vierge

ange-viergeI watched the first episode of Ange Vierge and decided to drop it for the sole reason that three quarters of that episode took place in a public bath where the characters were all discussing the battle at the beginning of the episode and their futures. They were honestly talking about such serious while completely naked. It was weird. Then another battle came along and all it proved was that the newer people weren’t as good as the more experienced people.



bananya-7781I watched the first episode of Bananya. It is a series of shorts about a few cats that live in bananas. It is meant to be something cute. I stopped watching it because I wasn’t interested. I tend to only watch shorts when they either involve something I like such as dogs, when they are written to be funny, and/or when there is an overarching story surrounding the shorts. I don’t watch shorts just because they’re cute.

3 thoughts on “Summer 2016 Dropped Anime

  1. I stuck it out and finished Rewrite. All the action scenes showed up in the last half of the show. It’s coming with a new season in winter. I don’t think I’ll be continuing it. Rewrite was a total let down. I felt completely led on by the synopsis of the story. Never really learn how or why he had that power -_- ..I should’ve dropped it but I just had to see it thru. lol.


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