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Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- anime review

re-zero      You know how in many video games you as the hero are able to respawn an infinite amount of times to the same point in the story while still retaining your memories from the future. This is the aspect of classic RPG’s that Re:ZERO is a parody of. Subaru goes to the corner store one day to get some snacks to fuel his otaku lifestyle and suddenly he is transported to an entirely new world populated with humans, spirits, demons, and beast people. Here he meets a half elf with silver hair who helps him.

That is until he dies for the first time and returns to the exact moment he found himself in this new world. One of the most interesting things of this series is the fact that the only thing that sets Subaru apart from another reckless, prideful otaku is the fact that he is in this new world and he can respawn or “return by death” as he calls it. Whenever he respawns he remembers everything that happened before his death but no one else retains their memories as these events haven’t happened yet to these people.

Because of the concept it is obvious that Re:ZERO gets both depressing and horrifying at times. As a watcher of the show you want the main character to succeed, but since Subaru is an otaku from another world he is practically useless. He can’t fight. He has no skill in the spirit arts. He doesn’t even know things that a native of this new world would know as a child. All Subaru has going for him is the fact that he can respawn and the fact that he will help another person in need even if it means risking his life.

Re:ZERO is an anime about a guy who finds himself in a new land and must learn to survive in his new life. He can also return to a save point after he dies though he doesn’t get to choose the save point. It is both sad and happy, and is a fantastic series to watch. My one complaint is that I find that at some times Subaru is over expressive and it makes me cringe. I would recommend this series to anyone who likes a series based in another world, as well as to people who like watching shows where the protagonist is not the strongest character in all the lands. I hope that there is a sequel series since there were a lot of details left unexplained in the end.


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