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ReLIFE anime review

relife     ReLIFE is an anime about a man named Arata Kaizaki who has recently quit his job. He is on the job hunt when the series begins. Also he is hiding his current unemployment from his friends and family. One day another man named Ryo Yoake confronts him and gives him a job offer. The only catch is that Arata must first participate in the ReLIFE program which rehabilitates shut-in’s. Arata accepts that offer and is presented with a pill. This pill makes him appear 17 when he is really 27. He is then made to go back to high school and re learn about life.

This series is a high school drama and has a concept that can sound slightly creepy at first. It is full of light humour and heavy emotion as Arata goes through his final year of high school for a second time. ReLIFE doesn’t just focus on Arata’s problems. Each of he other major characters have major issues from being socially awkward to feeling incompetent since there is always someone better at a subject. These problems make the characters relatable and more complex. They also make these characters interesting. A few of the characters I want to learn more about but sadly the series is over so I can’t unless I read the manga.

This show made me cry a few times, and laugh a few more times. Each of the characters has their own little quarks that make me love them. I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys a good high school drama. ReLIFE did something different with its release schedule. All 13 episodes were released at once on Crunchy Roll. This allowed paying members of the site to binge watch the episodes. To be honest that is the best way to watch ReLIFE. Now we just have to wait for a sequel.


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