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Once Upon A Time Season 6 Episode 2 Reaction – A Bitter Draught

Do not read past this point unless you have watched up to Season 6 Episode 2 of Once Upon A Time unless you want to be spoiled.

This episode introduced a new character, the Count of Monte Cristo. He is based off of the character from the book though his story is slightly different as the Evil Queen helped him complete his revenge while asking his help for her own. She hired him to kill Snow White and Prince Charming before the original curse, but he came to Storybrooke from the Land of Untold Stories. It seems that most of the residents of that place are characters from classic novels due to the fact that the first three characters we have been introduced to so far are Dr. Jekyll, Mr, Hyde, and the Count.

The Count won’t be a recurring character because he ends up dying at the end. He served the purpose of pulling Regina’s story line back towards the Evil Queen story line. This was a plan thought up by the Evil Queen herself. She stole the Count’s heart so that he would have to do what she wanted despite him not wanting to.

The flashbacks were all about the Count, how he met with the Evil Queen, and how he first tried to enact her revenge on Snow White and Prince Charming. He failed because Snow’s handmaiden reminded him of his dead fiance. Rumpelstiltskin came as he was trying to think things over and poisoned the handmaiden so that he wouldn’t kill the two biggest assets of his plan to fine Baelfire. The Count then brought her to the Land of Untold Stories so that she wouldn’t die. The handmaiden sadly died when they came to Storybrooke.

This is the first time that the gimmicky thing of this place was hinted upon. It seems that characters who find their way to the Land of Untold Stories have their stories halted meaning that if something bad happens in the future of their story they can come to this land and that bad thing will never happen. This may mean that the characters found here are related to the more tragic classic books so not stories where the main character has a happy ending like Pride and Prejudice. Maybe some of the characters will come from Shakespeare. Maybe we will meet characters such as Macbeth or Romeo and Juliette.

In the end it was Regina who killed the Count in order to save her friends. This was the Evil Queen’s plan all along since it could darken her heart and make Regina realize that she can’t escape her evil side even if she uses a magic potion that separates the good from the evil. It isn’t obvious if this worked or not, but it did at least hurt Regina and make her wish that she had never taken that potion last season.

Emma was going through some things related to her visions. Mainly whether or not she should tell her family about what she is seeing. Jiminy the Cricket sure things she should, but she doesn’t want to because she doesn’t want her family to worry about her and try to save the day. In the end she decides not to because of what happened with Regina. She is worried that the Evil Queen’s plan worked. Now Emma is wondering if it could be Regina or the Evil Queen behind the hooded cloak in her visions since she is completely absent from them.

The episode ended with the Evil Queen giving Prince Charming a coin. This coin belonged to her father who died in a cart accident. The Evil Queen leaves after saying something that made him wonder if it actually was an accident. This scene hints to things that will happen in the future of the series related to Prince Charming. He is one of the few characters who hasn’t yet had their goodness questioned in some way. It may lead to him discovering something new about his father and maybe he will become vengeful after this.

This episode was interesting in the fact that it revealed a few things about the Land of Untold Stories as well as completely introducing the Evil Queen as the villain of the first half of the season at least. I am excited to see what happens next week. I know that it will continue Emma’s story line as well as the Evil Queen’s. I wonder if it will also explain the ending of this episode.


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