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Handa-kun anime review

handa-kunThis anime is a comedy centered around Handa Sei, the guy from Barakamon when he was in high school. He is literally the most popular guy in in school. He is so popular that some of the other characters do things that are creepy and even borderline insane. Each of these characters are in awe of Handa, however the catch of the series is that Handa believes that everyone hates him. His fearful actions are only misunderstood as him just being cool.

If you are watching this anime to get more of an anime similar in feel to Barakamon look somewhere else. While Handa is featured in both these series the only similarities between then are based off of two of the characters. Also they are both from different genres. If you don’t look at Handa-kun as a successor to Barakamon you will enjoy it more.

The first episode isn’t very good and doesn’t really represent the rest of the series. Handa-kun is only in about a third of the episode at the end. The rest of the episode is focused around the Handa Force (Handa’s fan club) hearing about the anime based off of Handa-kun and complaining about how they didn’t get a free copy after they missed watching it live. The only thing this scene does for the episode is introduce the members of the Handa Force. It does this well as you can see who these characters are but it is also pointless because these characters all get introduced in later episodes.

The humour is light. I didn’t find myself laughing that hard though. Most of what I did when watching Handa-kun was look at the situations Handa found himself in and think about how awkward they are. There were times I did laugh though. Some of the jokes were really funny. The characters are bizarre adding to the humour. Well all the characters except for like 3. You will get frustrated with Handa at times since he literally looks out at the world through the walls of his dark isolating box, but I feel like that is the charm of his character.

I would recommend this anime to anyone who enjoys comedy. This review took me a while to write since I didn’t know what to say about Handa-kun. Basically I enjoyed it due to its light humour and bizarre characters. This is one of the few series that I would actually rewatch sometime in the near future since there are very few over arching story lines. Each of the episodes could be watched as standalone episodes. Now I am thinking of reviewing Barakamon.


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