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D. Gray-man HALLOW anime review

80766l     D. Gray-man HALLOW begins shortly after the original series ends. Allen Walker is still fighting Akuma with innocence along with his friends. Also inspector Link is back which is cool I guess. I won’t go much in detail about the first episode since it is a continuation of another series. If you want to watch HALLOW it is best if you go back and watch the original series first as there are many plot details that are either explained fully or hinted upon in the original series that you won’t get unless you have watched the original 103 episodes.

The first thing I noticed when I was watching HALLOW was the fact that the plot moved way faster. In the first episode some of the biggest question from the original series were answered. A few episodes later my favourite character, Kanda’s backstory was explained. Meanwhile Allen is going through a few things involving conflicting powers. I think I enjoyed this series a lot more than the original because it had a quicker pace. The original series was a little bit slow for my taste and usually I like slow things.

This series is a great continuation of the original series. Remember that if you want to wtach it you should watch the original series first. Now we all just have to wait until there is enough source material in the manga again to make another anime with. There are still so many questions that need to be answered. You may have noticed that this review is kind of short. That is because there is already a review for the original D. Gray-man on this blog where I discuss the things I like and dislike about the series as a whole. Go read it if you want to just be warned that it is filled with spoilers.


One thought on “D. Gray-man HALLOW anime review

  1. The pace of Hallow is definitely faster than the original, and that isn’t a bad thing given how slow the original felt at times (not actually a criticism but when they only had 13 episodes we wouldn’t have covered anything at the old pace). Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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