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91 Days anime review

91_days_poster      91 Days is an anime set during Prohibition in the town of Lawless, Illinois. Avilio Bruno is a man who is running away from his life as a child after he watched his whole family get murdered by the Vanetti  mob family. He managed to get away and he then ran all the way to another town. His real name is Angelo Lagusa. This anime is about Avilio’s revenge. He takes his childhood friend, Corteo with him as he tries to enact justice for the death of his family. He also becomes acquainted with one of his targets, Nero Vanetti.

As you may guess this anime gets dark. There is a lot of violence, a lot of blood and gore, and a lot of death. Because of this don’t watch 91 Days if you dislike watching violent things. The first episode in particular is pretty sad and nerve racking as it shows the day that Avilio’s family was killed. That isn’t really a spoiler as it takes place withing the first several minutes of the first episode.

I would recommend this anime to anyone who enjoys watching things set during Prohibition, as well as things related to the mob. It is an exciting show to watch and it is beautifully written. Some things may not make sense at first but by the end of the episode you will understand everything that happened in that episode. I know for sure that this anime won’t get a second season as the ending though open was also closed enough to make it impossible. I hope I can watch something that is just as well written this upcoming season.


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