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September 2016 in Review

For much of this month I posted very little. At first I was just taking a break after writing two posts a day in August while working 7 hours almost every day. Then I went back to University which meant that I had to spend a couple of days moving my stuff. Finally I was just too lazy to pick my blog back up until I decide to share it with my Facebook friends. Now I post a few times each day. In fact today I posted so many posts that the colours on my insights page shifted a little bit.

This month I decided to try new things on my blog. First of these are my reactions to episodes of TV shows that I have watched. I have reasons as to why I don’t want to call them reviews. Good reasons. Last night I tried to think of new things that I can do. One of these was to write a regularly scheduled post about my writing one day each week. I was planning on doing something like this for NaNoWriMo but maybe I can continue doing it later on. I could also start a fictional series of stories I have written specifically for this blog. This will allow me to get more practice as well as feedback.

I have noticed that my blog has started to shift away from my writing after I ran out of poems to post. I will try to post more of writing related posts in the future. As you can see many of my favourite ideas are related to doing just that. If I want to get serious about my writing there needs to be more writing related content here.

In terms of stats they are all lower than the stats of July but they are also significantly higher than any month before July. I also made a new record on my blog in terms of most views in one day. Next month I will continue trying to expand this blog so that I can literally write about anything here.

One final thing. I may attempt Inktober. It starts tomorrow so I have to decide quick. If I do participate I will post my sketch on my blog. I am not a visual artist so I can’t promise anything actually good but maybe by doing this I can improve my drawing skills.

So yeah. See you in October.


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