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Looking Up at he Half-Moon anime review

looking-up-at-the-half-moon     Looking Up at the Half-Moon is a short, 6 episode anime about a 17 year old boy named Yuichi who is in the hospital recovering from an illness. Since he is essentially a bored teenager he sneaks out of the hospital regularly despite the consequences it could have on his recovery. The head nurse promises him that she won’t lock him in his room at night as long as she talks to a girl who recently moved to the wing where the serious cases are kept. This girl’s name is Rika and she has lived in hospitals her whole life due to a heart condition.

This series is a romance and due to the series being set in a hospital it is obvious that Looking Up at the Half-Moon is going to be a sad anime. However the show doesn’t go overboard on the despair and instead focuses on the good. While there are moments that will make you cry they are few and far between. There are more moments which will make you chuckle or wonder what is going on than actual sad moments. This is what makes this show so good, it is sad but no sad that you will use up a whole box of Kleenex.

This anime caused me to think deeply about the consequences of the love between Yuichi and Rika, how it relates to the past of another character, and what the books read aloud throughout the course of the 6 episodes mean in regards to how Rika feels. There aren’t that many characters which allow the writers to make this anime all about the relationship that is unfolding, but the few non major characters add a whole lot to the story and the meaning behind it.

Romance is a genre that I normally avoid at all costs in any genre because of its over saturation in modern pop culture. Despite this I enjoyed Looking Up at the Half-Moon a lot. I recommend that people who love well-written romance or stories that can be sad at times watch this anime. It is short so it won’t take long so if you haven’t already watched this series go watch it now on Crunchy Roll.

    Also as an aside, the hospital in Looking Up at the Half-Moon is weird. There are three nurses that are shown in the anime, one doctor, and they allow anyone to go up to the roof. Not only this but the head nurse is allowed to put a couch in front of Yuichi’s door which is a fire hazard. And for some reason I keep typing Full-Moon instead of Half-Moon.


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