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How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episodes 1 & 2 Reaction – We’re Good People Now & There are Worse Things Than Murder

Do not read past this line unless you have watched up to season 3 episode 2 of How to Get Away with Murder.

A lot of things happened in these two episodes. For one Annalise moved away from hiring a few select students to help her on cases and towards a lawyer clinic which is the same as before only she doesn’t make any choices other than what cases the class takes. She doesn’t choose the students anymore and this allows there to be more characters who are students.

The cases so far reflect the pasts of the characters who take them. Wes led the case in episode 1 where the defendant was an immigrant who faced deportation. Conner led a case in episode 2 where the defendant was an abused woman who murdered her husband. In both these cases the featured characters could relate to the people they were defending and it helped reflect more of who they are as characters.

There is a smear campaign going on at the university against Annalise by an unknown person. In episode 2 this causes her to become suspended. Personally I think that it is stupid that they are suspending her because she is getting harassed but to be fair all the president cares about in this case is the safety of the staff and students of the university which could get compromised if Annalise continues teaching. Anyways she threatened to sue the university. If she does it will offer up an interesting story line. If she doesn’t than something else will happen.

The final thing I want to write about are the flash forward scenes. They show something happening that is more personal than the flash forward scenes in past seasons merely because Annalise’s house gets burned down and she gets arrested. Also there is a body whose face hasn’t been seen yet but Annalise seemed very distraught when she saw their face so it must be someone close to her/ Maybe its Bonnie since she is always in the house. It will be interesting to learn more about what is happening later on in the season. Who died? Who burned down Annalise’s house? Was it her? Because she seemed pretty suspicious when she handed Oliver her phone but maybe she did this simply because of the unsavoury people who have been calling her such as a private investigator.

I am excited for the next episode. I have yet to watch a promo for it but I am sure that more information will be revealed in regards to the flash forward scenes.


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