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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episodes 1 & 2 Reaction – Undo & Catastrophe and the Cure

Don’t read past this line unless you have watched up to season 13 episode 2 of Grey’s Anatomy.

I decided to react to both of these episodes in one post since I just started writing posts like this. Episode 1 covers what happened directly after Alex beat up Andrew. Bailey and Maggie are trying to figure out who hurt Andrew so badly. Ben guesses correctly due to how Alex is acting. Meredith knows that Alex did it and tries to help him even if it means lying to her sister and Bailey. It was suspenseful, but at last the episode reached the expected conclusion with Alex being led into a cop car and then having Meredith visit him in his holding cell.

I would have thought that Alex would have been suspended at least after what he had done. The end of episode 1 ended in Alex mentioning that he would most likely lose his medical license. Even if he didn’t get suspended immediately I would think that he would at least take some time off. That is why it surprised me that he was still allowed to practice medicine as a pediatrician which means that he is around kids. It was a mistake what he did but I think there should have been more severe repercussion immediately after he came clean.

The reason why I think he should have taken some time off is because it is obvious that he has other things on his mind. He didn’t give his patient the care he needed and even after his intern told him that his patients heart rate was rising steadily. Not only did he ignore what his intern said, he also yelled at him in front of a bunch of babies. This mistake made Bailey make him work in the clinic.

Meredith tries to make things right when she meets Andrew in the elevator. He accused her of threatening him even though she said nothing of the sort. This causes some problems. I felt that this moment showed that both sides of the felony charge is taking it poorly and reacting badly. I hope that Andrew eventually forgives Alex even though it won’t be enough to save Alex’s future.

Owen and Amelia had a housewarming party and invited Riggs, Maggie, Meredith, and Jo. Meredith made Alex come which means that there was an awkward conversation between the two of them where Jo reveals just how angry she is with him without giving the full reason for being angry. Now Alex reminds Jo of her husband and that makes her both fearful for what he could do and sad because she had thought him incapable of that because of how he was when they met.

The final problem introduced in this episode was the fact that Maggie asked Riggs out and got rejected. Riggs did this because he likes Meredith but neither one of them will tell her that. She should have told Maggie as soon as she found out that Maggie had a crush on Riggs. Now Maggie is just going to find out and there will be an even bigger problem. Even if she found out in the next episode it will spell disaster in Meredith’s life.

I know that none of these problems will be resolved in the next episode. The next episode might even unveil new problems that need to be solved.


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