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Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 1 Reaction – The Crimson King

Do not read past this line unless you have either watched up to Episode 1 of Season 12 of Criminal Minds, or you want to be spoiled.

Criminal Minds is one of my favourite TV shows. I started watching a few years ago and have been watching the show every week since then. Yesterday the season premiere aired continuing the story line that was introduced in the season finale of season 11. Not only this but it was revealed that the major unsub of this season will be one of my favourite unsubs of all time, Mr. Scratch, or at least he will be for the first half of the season. I loved the episode that he was introduced in a few seasons ago because of how crazy it was.

The episode started by introducing the new member of the BAU, Luke Alvez. Because of him the amount of escaped serial killers has shrunk down from 13 to 5. This simply makes it so that the writer’s don’t have to have an episode covering a past unsub nearly every second week. He also has a connection with the apparent unsub of this episode, the Crimson King, since he was a part of the team that brought him down.

When they interview the victim who is still alive when he is found. This is a strange episode since only one person actually died and he wasn’t the original victim. This is when it becomes obvious that Mr. Scratch is behind the mutilation of the victim and that he is merely copying the Crimson King’s M.O. Alvez continues working on the case because he is sure that his target is still connected to the case. Also this gives Hotch and Alvez a connection. They both have strong feelings towards the unsub’s who wronged them, and both these unsub’s are a part of this case.

This is where things get a little insane which is the thing I love most about Criminal Minds. The victim mutilated himself after Mr. Scratch used his dissociative identity disorder to create a personality that believes himself to be the Crimson King. After the victim killed the police officer he stole the list of people who went to a DID treatment camp and then returned to Mr. Scratch. Here Mr. Scratch makes the victim mutilate the actual Crimson King. Soon after the victim is apprehended and Mr. Scratch got away.

This whole turnabout in the chase after Mr. Scratch was really interesting, and I know that there will be more like this later on in the season since Mr. Scratch is still at large. One thing that I am interested in is how the writer’s write away Hotchner’s character since Thomas Gibson got fired after filming the first few episodes. He is so important to the Mr. Scratch story line but I know that it is possible to write out a character it just requires a lot of changes in other parts of the story. It will be strange seeing Mr. Scratch apprehended without Hotchner around, but I don’t think this detail makes the season not worth watching. There are other characters I like who have been around since the beginning. Spencer for one. I will continue watching simply because I like the show.


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