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Orange anime review

Orange Poster     Orange is an anime about a highschool girl named Naho who receives a letter from her future self on the day of the opening ceremonies. The letter tells her what to do in order to erase all of her regrets. The main one being the death of Kakeru who is a new transfer student that school year. Naho knows that the letter is real after she noticed that every thing that the letter said was going to happen was actually happening. She ignores the first thing her future self wants her to change and this has grave consequences. Other characters include Suwa who is Naho’s athletic friend, Takako who is Naho’s friend with the long black hair, Hagita who is Naho’s manga-loving friend, and Azusa who is Naho’s friend whose father owns a bakery. The plot is about Naho’s journey to save Kakeru’s life and at the same time prevent her own future regrets from becoming true in the new timeline.

Orange is classified both as a romance and as a shoujo. I wouldn’t call it a romance because though there is an obvious romance occurring between multiple characters that is not the focus of the anime. The romance almost appears to go in circles most of the time and can be frustrating to those who watch this anime unless they understand why it is written like this. The two main characters, Naho and Kakeru, are sufferers of mental illnesses. This may cause them to act irrational at times but please know that at heart they are not irrational characters. This actually makes them more realistic than your average shoujo characters.

This anime is full of heart-breaking scenes as well as scenes that are so beautiful to watch that they can cause you to cry. Do not watch unless you are prepared to at least tear up. Also do not watch if you are triggered by depictions of suicide or the topic of suicide in general (this is one of the few times that I think a trigger warning is actually needed). This anime will trigger you on multiple occasions. Watch this anime if you want to something more realistic than other anime or if you are a sufferer of mental health issues. Don’t watch this anime for the science because the science behind the time travelling letter is stupid. Also don’t watch this anime if you refuse to consider why certain characters are acting the way they are and not in a way that would be considered normal. Orange won’t be returning for a second season because the goal of the characters was reached, but an animated movie has been announced which will cover the events of the anime from Suwa’s perspective.


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