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The Morose Mononokean anime review

the-morose-mononokean      The Morose Mononokean is an anime series where two high school boys with opposite personalities from each other work to exorcise yokai. Ashiya has a very happy personality and is bubbly. Abeno tends to be more cold when around humans and is also almost always calm and collected. The two met when Ashiya was possessed by a small fuzzy yokai. Abeno used a method to exorcise the yokai which Ashiya never thought could ever be used by a professional exorcist. Before that moment Ashiya never thought once that the yokai weren’t all monsters and that some of them just wanted to be loved. This exorcism puts Ashiya in debt and forces him to be Abeno’s employee. Abeno is the master of the Mononokean.

Almost every episode plays out in a similar manner. A yokai is revealed that either wants to be transported to the underworld or that is causing problems for humans. Abeno and Ashiya work towards fixing the problem. Then there is foreshadowing for the next episode. This is similar to other shows with a “monster of the week” format. I like this because this allows people to enter the series at any point without being too confused though I would still recommend starting with the first episode.

The yokai designs are adorable and each one has their own unique personality. Their


stories are also very interesting and are thought provoking in the sense that they may cause watchers of the series to consider if what Abeno is doing is right or why the yokai cause problems for humans in the first place. I would be interested inCrunchyroll_20160709215704 buying a plushy of at least Fuzzy who is a recurring yokai in the series who is introduced in the first episode. That is not a spoiler since in the opening he is shown in almost all the scenes that Ashiya is shown in.

This is a cute heart-warming anime. I would recommend that you watch it if you like cute things and if you don’t mind a series that has absolutely no actual fight scenes despite being a yokai based anime. You can watch this anime on Crunchy Roll. Free users can watch almost the entire series right now. This doesn’t include episode 13 because that episode will be released to free users next Sunday. I will do an analysis of this series at some point. Also I hope that there is a second season to this series as there are a lot of questions that have been left unanswered.


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