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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 1 Reaction- The Savior

Don’t pass this line unless you have read up to Episode 1 of Season 6 of Once Upon a Time

I thought that I would try doing something based around the western TV shows that I watch. I don’t want to review the entire series because that would take too long. I don’t want to review the episode because since there is so much footage in one season and everything in one episode can be so important I don’t want to put my opinions out here and have them become baseless a couple of episodes later. For instance if something strange happens I may not like it, but a few episodes later when it is explained my opinion may completely change.

Once Upon a Time is a series that I have been watching ever since the first season. It features the most strangest family tree ever due to the fact that every one needs to be related, and retellings of fairy tales and other stories through the characters who have been taken right out of the classic fairy tales such as Snow White and Rumpelstiltskin. Also the series jumped on the Frozen bandwagon which caused it to lose some viewers.

This episode was based around the arrival of people from the Land of Untold Stories and how it is effecting the characters. Emma is struggling with visions. Snow is helping out the new arrivals. Regina is having problems with Zelena based around Robin’s death. This episode set up the villain of this half of the season. In Emma’s vision they were wearing a hood which his their face which means that we can’t know for sure who this person is. For all I know this could be one of the new arrivals. But why hide the face if it is someone we haven’t been introduced to yet.

Personally I think that the hooded person battling Emma in the future is the Evil Queen because she showed up at the end of the episode to have a chat with Zelena. Even if she isn’t the person in the hood I know that she will at least have a major part in the half-season. I think that Zelena’s and Regina’s relationship will heal throughout the season because they are sisters and so similar.

Gold was saving Belle and in the process met his unborn child which is kind of strange. The son warned Belle of trusting Gold. This is another relationship that will have to be worked on this season. It has been going in circles ever since the second season. Eventually they will either have to break up forever or stop breaking their promises (mainly Gold breaking his promises to Belle) so that they can finally settle down.

This episode did a good job of setting up the season. It had the quirkiness that I expect from the series. I can’t wait to be introduced to the newcomers from the Land of Untold Stories. If the first two people from this place we have met were Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde who are not fairy tale characters and as far from Disney as possible these new people could literally be anyone.

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