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What I’ve Been Doing

I have been doing a lot of work on my novel outline but this weekend I stupidly forgot to save before updating my laptop so several scenes are gone. It’s fine since it is only an outline and all I have to do is write what happens, but I have yet to go back to the deleted scenes because I got a really bad cold right after that. I will fix the current issues with my outline soon.

In the meantime I have been working on a few other smaller projects. Most of them are only concepts. One of them is the secret project I wrote about earlier. So far I have a map drawn and little else. Another one is a story that I have been inspired to write more than five times. This is the only story that is so persistent towards being written and I’ve only just now wrote the first draft. Hopefully I can finish this project soon.

The summer anime season is going to end soon and this means that I have several reviews to write. I may make a poll later to see if people prefer me to write spoiler free reviews or something more like analysis’s. Maybe I’ll just make something for analysis’s and another one for spoiler free reviews. If you get the chance and if I ever create the poll please give me your answer. I will start writing the reviews next week since that is when the first anime’s end. Also I am using my free trial now so doing these reviews will be infinitely easier until it ends. I don’t know if I will pay for this feature after it ends.

I have noticed that I have only posted two posts all month. This is a big change from last month where I literally wrote two posts every single day. I guess I have just been ignoring it. The next two months will be busy especially if I go through with what I have planned. From now on I will make myself post one thing per day onto this blog. Maybe I’ll even write about school. I’ll just have to wait and see.

Also this post does not feature me attending classes. I guess I have been doing that as well.

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