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First Looks at D. Gray-man HALLOW

Almost as soon as I finished the original D. Gray-man series I started HALLOW. So far I have watched all of the episodes that have been released for free users on Funimation. I am happy with it. The pacing is way better than it was in HALLOW. In the first episode one of the biggest mystery of the original series was revealed. It appears that the rest of the series will focus on the issue the comes with this piece of information but I don’t know because HALLOW seems to be moving so fast that the issue could easily be resolved within a few more episodes. The fact that the characters can travel a hundred times faster using the ark does help with the pacing but that isn’t the only change that fixed the main issue I had with the original series. Less random things seem to be happening that cause the plot to move slower.

I don’t like how Lavi and Kanda have different voice actors but I am sure that there is a good reason for this. The most it did was make it a little jarring to go from the original series to this one within a few hours. And since Lavi hasn’t been in the forefront in any of these episodes it is still confusing to my brain whenever I hear his voice.

Kanda’s backstory is revealed. All of the original characters had their backstories revealed in the original series but not him. I think his backstory is almost as interesting as Allen’s. It is also a major part of the plot. He is still my favourite character. Knowing who he is does little to change that fact.

I am excited to watch the next episodes. Since I am going back to university over the weekend I’ll get to watch it there. If you want to see my review on D. Gray-man you can go to the top menu and click “anime”. That will bring you to a list of all the posts that are in the anime category. There are spoilers in it. I am also planning on writing a second spoiler-free review, but that won’t come until next week.


One thought on “First Looks at D. Gray-man HALLOW

  1. Hallow is definitely moving a lot faster than the original series did. While I am enjoying that, it has changed the tone of the show. Still, I’m really glad we got a continuation after so long so I am just going to enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I hope you enjoy the rest of the series.

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