Posted in 2015, poetry, Writing

The Tunnel

I see the light at the end

of this long tunnel up ahead.

It shines like the sun in the night.

I long to run, but I must walk

for I have you at my side

firmly grasping my hand.


You have led me through

the darkest shadows of this world

and helped me up the tallest cliffs.

I have never been lost because of you,

and I know for certain I never will be.

I know you will always be at my side.


But the light at the end of the tunnel

is steadily looming ahead.

I fear that when I reach it

I will no longer be able to hold your hand.

Don’t leave my side, stay here

hold my hand and never leave.


However I know that there will be times

when you must let go of my hand.

I know that I must be left alone

at those times of pure happiness.

But I know that when the shadows return

you will return to guide me again.


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