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Painting Showcase – Unfinished Painting


This is a painting where I tried to improve my clouds. I think I did. They look fluffy but now I think that they are too “bulbous”. This doesn’t matter that much to me though because at least they are better and I have improved my painting skills since this painting. By the way I started this about a month ago. I have other paintings which I only did to improve my skills. I may share them here later.

I like the mountains in the back because they are faded out and there are areas where the colour is noticeably darker. This is similar to my cartoonish style in some of my other paintings but less dramatic in a way I like. The water is calm. I will add some small ripples to it later on. I don’t really like the beach but there isn’t much I can do about that now. I also like the steep hill I added to the right side. I may add a similar hill to the left and then add a few hills in the front.

Also please note that I am not very good at taking pictures of my paintings. The flash washed out the colours a bit especially in the background. The angle is off though you don’t really notice unless you look at the bit I cropped out. This was only taken with my cellphone camera. Also it is unfinished though I do not know when I will end up finishing it because I am packing up all my painting stuff now to bring to my second year of University. I won’t be painting much.

I am done watching the episodes of D. Grayman up to just before Hallow. I will be reviewing it tomorrow since I need time for my thoughts on it to form in my mind and I have only finished it a few hours ago. Also I may do some more unfinished painting showcases within the next couple of weeks.

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