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I Sit Down to Write

I sit down to write,

Not anything in particular,

I succeed for a few seconds,

Than it hits,

The block which comes

Without any notice,

The block that destroys

All the ideas I have created,

The block which keeps

Me from reaching my goal.


So here I sit,

My hand on the keyboard,

And I wonder

How did this happen,

Why can’t I write?

I want to simply get

The words down as they come,

But I have found how

Hard it is when they don’t.


I stand up, walk away,

I cannot write, not here.

I need a break from the block,

I can’t stand it anymore.

So I take a walk,

Walk away from my words,

I do something else.

I cannot write now,

So I will write later.


And in the end I have won,

The block has been vanquished,

And I am free to write again.

I sit down to write,

And the words come pouring out,

Just one right after the other,

And it doesn’t take long

Until my work is complete.


I sit down to write,

But I can’t.

I walk away,

And take a break.

I return to write,

And everything is fine.

This is the way

Of the block in my mind.


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