Posted in 2016, Anime

My First Impressions of Cheer Boys

Cheer Boys is an anime that I am enjoying a lot this season. It is realistic though not as realistic as Orange is due to a few slightly over dramatic reactions. It is about an all boys cheer leading team in a college that two guys started. It is about the stigma and struggles that they face as they try to form a team that turns away from tradition. The name of this team is Team Breakers as the people in it are each trying to break something like stigma, shyness, or the negative ways that they see themselves.

I normally don’t watch sports anime but after hearing some people talking about it in a podcast I decided to give it a try. I think what makes this anime so much different from all the other sports anime’s is the fact that it is based on a college campus in Japan and everyone is that much more mature since everyone is a college student. Also it focuses on a part of the sports world that most people don’t see in anime: the stigma of certain types of athletes. These include male cheerleaders or gymnasts or ballet dancers. An entire cheer leading team made up of guys is going against this stigma and I like it.

Of course the characters are also interesting.  They each have their own personal struggles that they must face as they form this team. They are far from perfect. This gives them room for a lot of character development in the future. I don’t outright dislike any characters in Cheer Boys unlike other anime’s. This means that when an episode focuses entirely on one character I won’t mind no matter which character it is focused on.

I like how there was an episode where they reviewed what happened in the past episodes at about the halfway mark though this only helps if someone is just starting to watch the anime since this gives them a good spot to start from if they don’t want to watch like six episodes. I can’t wait to watch the rest of the season since the characters are planning on doing the near impossible.


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