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Mob Psycho 100- What I Think so Far

There are spoilers for Mob Psycho 100 in this post up to episode 6. If you haven’t read the manga or watched these episodes please watch the anime before reading.

This is one of my favourite animes from this season. I find it funny at times and serious at others even though the serious moments are tinged with funny undertones. I also like all of the characters that have been revealed so far. I like how some of them have something that they are really good at but they look towards what they aren’t so good at and try to get better at it.

Mob joined the body improvement club despite having powerful psychic powers so that he could get muscles and become popular. His brother Ritsu is very intelligent but he wants to be more like his older brother and have psychic powers. These two characters both want to be something that they aren’t.

In episode 6 Mob is told that he may be increasing his stamina which pushes him further towards his goal of being physically strong and popular. This shows how hard work and motivation can help him reach difficult goals like him increasing his muscle mass to max when he literally has none.  Ritsu sees Dimple who is a ghost showing that he is starting to develop psychic powers. He is improving at the same time as Mob.

This anime features characters who want nothing more to change and become someone with completely different strengths. Though it has a good amount of comedy relief and the animation style is very simple I am enjoying it so far. The animation style though simplistic is something I find beautiful especially when swirls of paint and ink are used to show spirits and psychic powers. I can’t wait until the next episode comes out.


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