Posted in 2015, poetry, Writing

Beneath the Blood Moon

Tears flow freely

Beneath the blood moon.

The dim red light illuminates

The desolation of the land below.

Waves crash somewhere near

Whimpering in the shadows

As old fears re-emerge

And new fears come into light.

Nothing is safe as the fury and rage

Pops into existence

Beneath the blood moon.


You find your fears unable to ignore

And you shiver in the cold dark.

Tears come and go as you fight

But nothing seems to work.

Courage and strength are

Nowhere to be found in your heart.

There is nothing that you can do

Or so it seems in the dim red light.

You try but fail

Beneath the blood moon.


But when you have given up

And it seems that the fear will win

The sun rises over the horizon

Illuminating everything in new light

And what was seen as cruel and evil

Is now seen as kind and good.

The fears are still there

But they do not control you

When you are no longer

Beneath the blood moon.


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