Posted in 2014, poetry, Writing

I Was

I sit here, watching the words fly by.

Just things that another has said,

But never do I ever join in to speak.

I watch as the words fly past my eyes,

And I know that none of them are mine.


I sit there, with my hand above the keys,

The keys to communication, to others,

But never are they pushed downwards,

Never do the keys ever form my words,

I sit there, and pause to think about this.


I sit there, wanting to say something,

So I do, I think, I talk, I join in,

I type a word here on my screen,

A simple greeting, nothing more,

But it is enough as I watch it come up.


I sit there, thinking about my choices.

I have joined in, but now am nervous

of how my words may be received.

I sit there in silence, waiting for a while,

But then there it is a flicker of hope.


I sit there, someone has replied,

I smile with great joy, happy now

That I know someone likes my words.

I watch as they talk back, and I reply.

I was a lurker, and now am not.

I am a part of this conversation.


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