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Today I went to the city to go shopping for things that I need for my second year of university. Among the things I got was a mini fridge, a new backpack, loose leaf tea, and a yoga mat. It was a fun trip and I got a lot of things I needed and a few things I didn’t really need. I also got to have sushi for lunch. It was fun though it caused me to get very little writing done which is okay with me.

I went and bought some music when I got home. I have a list of artists that I want to get all the songs written by them. I have also decided that I am going to try to not post more than one poem per day on this blog for the rest of the summer. This means that rather than being lazy and posting another poem in the afternoon after the scheduled morning post I will write something like this or what I posted yesterday night. I want this blog to have a large variety of topics represented in its posts. Though this doesn’t mean that I will ever write a political or religious post it means that I can literally write anything I want. If something moved me greatly I can write about it here.

Before I tried writing more on this blog I kept thinking that I had a lot of things that I couldn’t talk to anyone I know about despite having a blog where I could write anything. Now I can just write it here. I want to keep this up. However in September I will post only one thing per day unless I need to post more than once. Also enjoy the featured picture for this post. I am planning on making an image that I can make the featured image for every single one of my posts. I may do this in September as well.


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