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I started watching D. Gray-man

I started watching D. Gray-man. I don’t know why I chose to watch this anime over the other series that are more well-known. Maybe its because it is less unknown than other animes such as Spice and Wolf, and Tokyo Ghoul. I don’t really see it placed on that many top ten lists of best anime.

I have watched up to episode 35 and I seem to have gotten bored. The first season was great in my opinion though Kanda was underdeveloped despite being in the opening and the story was slow and choppy. At least in season one there was little filler and the characters got to where they needed to go that episode. The ghost at the beginning in my opening was a great introduction to the series. If I had wanted to I could have skipped the first two episodes and enjoyed it all the same. I did find it weird that after they found a new accomodator she seemed to have been forgotten completely. I am glad that they explained Miranda’s absence in season two.

Season two is not that great. There is too much filler. I got bored after several episodes based completely specific exorcists including Miranda, Kanda, allen, and Lanalee. While it is great to see these characters without the others present I don’t like how long it is taking Lanalee to get back to Allen so the story can progress further.

I can see why this anime isn’t on any top ten lists. I don’t find it that memorable. Most of the time it doesn’t cause any emotional response in me and when it does it is because of how the characters show their own sadness. I am not interested in any characters so far other than Kanda because he wasn’t developed at all in the first season. I am going to continue watching to see if I can stop being bored of this anime because it honestly is an interesting concept that is explored here. The demons are created by the wish to bring a loved one back rather than simply being malicious beings. I like that though the Millenium Earl has a very strange appearance. Like he doesn’t even close his mouth ever.

I could go on and on about the things that I like and dislike about this anime. I am going to stop here so that I can have a shorter post. I am going to continue watching and when I am done I will hopefully review the series here.


3 thoughts on “I started watching D. Gray-man

  1. I’ve been a big D Gray Man fan for awhile. Most of the people I’ve tried to watch it with disliked it because they found it too dark. One friend described it by saying that it was as though the write genuinely hated the characters and just wanted to make them miserable.
    I get what you are saying about it feeling like there is too much filler at times, and in terms of plot that is true. There are times when the group don’t seem to make any progress. I think that’s part of the appeal to me. They have a long term goal (defeat the Earl), but they don’t really know how to get there and the one’s pulling the strings aren’t big on sharing details. So instead, our main cast are regularly sent out on fetch quests and other random jobs. It’s realistic for working within an organisation but not exactly the usual approach. That said, the main appeal for me is that I love the cast of characters. There’s something about each of them that appeals to me so I enjoy watching their struggles, victories, and many failures.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I look forward to your review.

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  2. I’m a little confused, when you say second season do you mean D.Gray-man Hallow?
    If not the newest episodes of it are somewhat focused on Kanda, even though he still doesn’t get much screen time still.


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