Posted in 2015, poetry, Writing

Alone in Her World

There she sits, alone,

In a world all her own,

A captive without a prison.

She sits and stares,

Stares at nothing as her eyes,

As her eyes fight back tears.


But here I stand, tall,

And to her I call,

But my words fall upon

Nothing but silence.

Many before me have

Given up all hope,

But here I stand,

Tall for her, and her alone.


I give her food,

She lays it aside.

I give her clothes,

But she tosses them away.

I give her my words,

And she brushes them

Off of her shoulder.

She says she doesn’t need help,

But I will not stop trying

Until she is finally free.


I am here, standing tall

For one who doesn’t want help.

I poke around with my words,

Finding a crack in her world,

I find one, and with a single phrase

I gain her attention.

She looks at me in shock,

I had said something shocking,

But then she realizes

That I had my own world once,

And she looks back down

And reflects on events.


Slowly I tug at her world,

Breaking it bit by bit.

Eventually she smiles,

Her eyes have nothing to hold back,

They glow with happiness.

She doesn’t thank me,

But I know that she

Is grateful for my help.


So here I stand, tall for her,

And there she sits,

With a smile on her face,

As we talk together

Of life and more.


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