Posted in 2015, poetry, Writing

The Valley of Mirrors

In the valley of mirrors

You can see yourself in the still waters,

The waters that reflect all back.

When you look into the depths

You may not see what you expected.

You thought light and beauty

But you can only see shadows

And the twisted ugliness of fear and hatred.


You jump away when you see it,

But return to stare into the water

Out of curiosity and hope,

Hope that what you saw was never real.

However it is and you wonder

If what you see is what you are,

Or if it is merely what is most exposed.


You hide the light within you

And show only the shadows,

Not out of choice

But instead out of misery, fear, and rage.

Your control was never truly there

Merely a mirage of courage.


However if you let the light out

The valley of mirrors will

Reflect the truth back at you.

It will show you the beauty that you hold

And the goodness of your spirit.

The shadows and darkness will

Be hidden away, never vanquished

Only to return another day

But do not fear.

The light will keep it at bay.

All you have to do is release the light

From the deepest darkest depths of your heart

And you will finally see truth in the water.



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