Posted in 2014, poetry, Writing

I Hit Backspace

I hit backspace,

And delete my words,

But first I begin to think.

If this had turned out

How I had hoped,

Than would it still

Be a major failure,

Or will it be a success.


I delete my words,

And never think of

Of how I destroyed them

Ever again, until I decide

To use these words,

Still fresh in my mind

To write something new,

And allow my words to

Finally see the light,

And to turn over a

New leaf.


I hit backspace,

Not in a hope to

Lose these words forever,

But in the hope that

Someday I will se them,

And create something

Even better than that

Original thought

Had ever foretold.

And they will become

Even greater than these

Words that I have deleted.


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