Posted in 2016, gaming, Miscellaneous topic, Update Post

I really want to get No Man’s Sky. I know that it has gotten a lot of very low reviews but to be fair that is because they marketed it wrong. I think I would have fun flying around in a spaceship and discovering new planets while at the same time exploring every square inch of every planet I come across so that I can scan the animals and plants that have generated. I would also try my hardest to find every word for each of the three alien languages that can be learned. I know I would enjoy this because with every single Minecraft survival world that I have generated I have walked away from my base so far that I don’t see it worth it to go back. I just like exploring them so much. The exploration and discovery aspect of the game is what interests me. Too bad the game costs $66 CAN otherwise I would buy it right away. I’m going to have to wait until the price either goes down or until it is on sale before I get it but when I do I may spend a lot of time playing it.


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