Posted in 2014, poetry, Writing

On The Other Side

On the other side of the street

The grass always grows greener,

And the trees always grow taller and stronger.

There is simply something in the soil

Which gives more nutriment to everything.


But why then are we stuck here,

Here on the wrong side of the road?

Why do we never cross,

When we know that it can save us?

Why must we be rooted to this very spot?


I long to travel, to walk upon the other side,

But I cannot cross the street.

The traffic roars by faster than life,

And there are no spaces between the passing vehicles.

There is only death if I cross the street.


But then I found a bridge,

a bridge with one end here, and the other there.

I cross it and save my life,

But I know that I can never go back,

And return to the places I once knew.


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