Posted in 2015, poetry, Writing

Neutral Grey

Sometimes I sit down to think

And imagine a world without feeling.

At first I think that it will be black and white.

There would be no hate, nor resentment,

Racism, nor oppression.

There would be no war, and pain

Created from the evils of greed and ambition.


However as I sit down and think,

Think about what this truly means,

I come to realize that this world

Would be not one in black and white,

But in a neutral shade of grey.

There would be no hate,

But neither would there be love,

And deaths final breath would be

But a meaningless sound.


A world without emotion would

Contain no life, because without pain

Life does not have the will to live.

The world would be filled with nothing,

Nothing but darkness, and no death.

There would be nothing at all,

And such a world could not exist,

A world made of neutral grey

Is not a world, but a dark abyss.


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