Posted in 2015, poetry, Writing

Your Memory

I hear you on the edge of the silent breeze,

And the murmurings of the great trees.

The clouds in the sky spell your name,

As the sun reminds you of your presence.

Even now, as your memory fades,

The sounds of the earth remind me of you.

And as I draw a failing breath,

I am filled with your vigor.

That which once was, will be again,

And I feel your strength pouring in.

For one more time I stand tall against the world,

And fight not only for myself, but you to.

Because what I do is of no consequence,

If my life continues without you.


I fight, I survive, I continue on.

I will live another day for you, and your memory,

Your memory will stay bright in my mind

As I live my life in the shadow of you.

You will never come again, but I will be here,

And someday will come to join you.

Until that day comes I will stay here

And I will stand tall with the strength

That you have left behind for me to use.



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