Posted in 2015, poetry, Writing

The Howling of the Wind

The wind howls like a yearning wolf,

Crying out for the places it cannot go.

It tries, but always fails. This is too strong.

It bangs on the doors of houses,

Flinging debris around to break windows.

Still the wind howls outside yearning

for the changes that do not come.


And as the people sit huddled

Within the walls of their houses,

They fear the wind, call it an enemy.

They hide; they ignore the howls of the wind

As they stay safe within their walls,

Never leaving the safety,

Always hiding.


But one girl leaves the confines,

The confines of the walls

Built by others for her and everyone.

She walks out, allows the wind to take her.

She lives, but can never return

Back inside the walls, she is shunned,

She is changed.


And so the wind howls wanting more,

Wanting for what it cannot reach.

It mourns the loss of what it never had

And is uneasy as it waits for the return

Of the people who hide in their walls.

It is the wind, it wants for more,

And gets only a part of what it asked for.


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