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Dragon Slayer

What brought you to this place?

Could it be that you were drawn here

By my beautiful scales,

And many riches?

Or could it be that it was

Merely a deep hatred for all those

With scales, claws, and wings?

A hatred that burns deeper than

Your own skin, and destroys

More than your own soul.


I live here for a single reason.

I live in fear of your kind.

Those who will kill the innocent,

And sell their bodies after maiming.

All to simply become rich.


When I look at you I don’t see

A light that burns through the shadows,

But rather a darkness that

Burns its way through

All the many lights in this world.


You are a darkness so deep that

I can’t see the light on the other side,

Nor can I push it away using a lamp.

You are the essence of my fear,

And there is absolutely nothing

That I could possibly do about you.


So what has brought you to this place?

Was it grace and mercy?

Or was it simply greed?

Answer now or forever hold your peace,

Because your reply could

Destroy you or save you.

Just remember there is no turning back.



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