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Twin Star Exorcists anime review episodes 1-13

Twin Star Exorcists is one of my favourite animes that is streaming right now. It is about Rokuro and Benio, two exorcists who after being invited to an exorcist gathering are revealed to be the Twin Star Exorcists. It is said that they will marry and have a child who will be known as the Miko and who will end the war that the exorcists are having against the Kegare.  The Kegare are demon-like monsters that consume the spell power of humans.

These first 13 episodes were mainly based around character introductions and the development of the main characters. Rokuro and Benio are seemingly very different from each other at the beginning and are very reluctant to accept the titles that they have been given. But as the story progresses they learn more about each other and how they aren’t so different after all. Episode 13 ends in them discovering how to access the true extent of their power.

This series is still streaming on Crunchyroll and new episodes are added every Wednesday. I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys dark fantasy and comedy mixed together.


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