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My Current Journal

My current journal was used as a diary for a few years after I got it. The problem with this is that I can’t seem to write about my day everyday because most of the time my days are very similar to each other. My entries are all scattered over those few years. I ended up looking back on these entries today while I was writing in my journal. I was just writing random parts of different stories. When I looked back on these entries it caused me to think back about who I was when I first started writing them. This thinking brought a lot of powerful emotions with it but since I have gotten so good at not showing them lately these emotions only made my thoughts feel off.

I got the journal at Walmart. I saw it and just really wanted it. It was one of the first things that I got that I would call frivolous and not food. I bought it with my money and brought it home. When I opened it for the first time and felt the pages I wanted to write in it so bad that eventually I ended up ditching my last notebook for this one. Of course I later found out that I bought a damaged item. The last page was ripped near the spine and caused all the pages to sit awkwardly when I had the book open. I was just too guilty to try to return it and get a new one so I just kept it. I always thought it adds a lot of character to it anyways.

Now after one year of university I have started to use it again but this time as a journal where I can write anything. I have written review notes for my classes in this notebook. I have written random stories and other random things such as poems that have come to mind. I have even written about my writing. I started using my notebook in this way because my last one filled up. My last one is a red notebook from Chapters that is covered in a nice heart design.

I can’t wait until this one is filled up because then I will be able to move on to the next notebook. I want to move onto my leatherbound notebook but I think that it would be better to finish the notebook I abandoned to write in my current one. It is just a blue composers notebook and not very long so it shouldn’t take that long. And I will have to finish my other writers notebook which contains a few chapters from one of my better attempts at writing anovel when I was younger. Then I will be able to move onto newer notebooks because finally I will have no more unfinished notebooks.


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