Posted in 2016, poetry, Writing

Eyes of Evil

I look into the eyes of evil,

His gaze staring menacingly into my own.

“What say you?” he says,

Motioning to the broken man in the corner.

“I agree that he is guilty, but

He does not deserve death,

And you have no more right to do so then a vigilante.”

I stare bravely into the eye of darkness,

He averts his gaze.

“I see.” He says grimly,

“but what do we say to those he has harmed?”

I think for a moment before speaking,

“Tell them that demons don’t go to heaven,

And that he has already wasted his life.”

I turn my back to the eyes of darkness,

And say smiling, “This is over.”

Before walking out the door,

And thinking of that moment all the time,

When I looked into the eyes of evil.




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