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Hundred anime review (dropped series)

So after a few weeks of avoiding the last few episodes of this series I have dropped it. It just wasn’t for me and I found way too many flaws for me to even remotely like it. I tried to continue watching it but the episode consisted of an enemy breaking into Little Garden and turning roombas into giant exploding hornets. I didn’t understand how this could happen. Yeah the series is based around people called slayers who can summon weapons and armour from tiny stones but this was on a whole different level of logic.

This series is one of the newest additions to the invasion-of-giant-man-eating-creatures-that-need-to-be-stopped-by-people-who-can-control-their-weakness genre. While this isn’t an actual genre name there are enough series that have this as their premise to make one. People who have an affinity to tiny stones called hundreds are able to summon weapons and armour merely by holding their stone. These people are called slayers. The slayers are the ones who protect earth from the giant man eating beasts known as savages. I think they come from space. The Little Garden is a school located on a ship that trains future slayers. Some of these students are able to go out and defeat savages without graduating. The main character and his friends are these special students.

When I started the first episode I was excited because there was a small boy who was trying to save a girl who was about the same age as him. I knew that Hundred would be about these two kids after they had grown up. The boy is later seen as a teenager and it is revealed that he is the protagonist. He is named Hayato. His roommate Emile is a feminine guy who seems to push Hayato into situations he would rather not be in. This includes a dual with the student council president. This duel acts as a tutorial for how hundreds are used.

Emile is one of the most annoying characters I have ever come across. You know the tutorial character you find in video game who instructs you on how to play the game, this is Emile. He is worse than Navi from OoT Later it is revealed that he is the girl from scene at the beginning. The only purpose of that scene other than showing the first time Emile and Hayato met was to give a reason as to why the two of them have contracted a savage disease which makes them more powerful if not insane. The fact that Emile is actually Emilia only makes his/her character more annoying because while most of the characters know his secret he still chooses to remain a guy. Though there is a reason it is simply not to cause any problems in a school. I can’t see any problem with a male student suddenly turning into a female student. What happens if a student is transgendered?

The other characters other then Hayato have their own problems. Sakura is in love with Hayato. The student council president keeps on being accidentally molested by Hayato but seems to be okay with it. If I was her I would punish him in some way because the frequency of these accidental molestings is far too high for them to actually be accidental. The rest of the student council is in love with the student council president and hates Hayato. Yeah they all annoy me, though Hayato’s sister doesn’t for some reason.

There are also a few minor things related to the animation that annoy me. When characters sing their mouths do no move at all. In fact they freeze completely while objects and people in the background and in the foreground move. Somehow characters are able to summon pretty dresses using their hundreds when only some slayers are able to even summon armour. Just minor things.

All in all I would not recommend this anime to anyone. I just find it awful. I will not be continuing it for any reason in the future. I actually feel like I wasted time just watching it when I knew that I hated it from the third episode. The only reason I stopped because I hit one of those weeks where I didn’t feel like watching anime and after that I just didn’t pick it back up.



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