Posted in 2016, Anime

Sweetness and Lightning anime first look

Sweetness and lightning is a touch of life anime that is airing this season. It is about a single father and his young daughter six months after the death of his wife. He is a teacher and while trying to get food for his daughter that isn’t a microwavable meal he comes across a restaurant that one of his student’s families owns. After a little bit of debate they start learning how to cook good food together both for their own reasons. His student is doing it so that the restaurant can stay open. The teacher does it so that he can give his daughter a good homemade meal.

I am enjoying this anime because it is both touching and real in the sense that the daughter doesn’t really understand that her mother is dead as evidenced by a line in the first episode. During each episode a problem is solved. In the first episode the teacher decides to get his daughter good food. In the second episode he decides to work with the student to learn how to cook. In the third episode he learns to listen to his daughter. While the characters are getting better at cooking they are also bettering themselves.

I am excited to see how this series plays out.


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