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Big Order anime review

I am finding this anime difficult to review. I really enjoyed it when I started watching and I enjoyed it until the last episode. I liked the powers that some of the characters were given through their wishes. I liked how Eiji was a character with tainted morals who had just come to terms with his belief that he caused the Great Destruction just 10 years prior. I liked how he was trying to conquer the world to make it a better place.

What I didn’t like was the irrationality to some of the characters. Rin is trying to kill Eiji as revenge for her parents’ death throughout the entire series. Even when she literally watches as he saves a bunch of people from a nuclear warhead she still hates him. She doesn’t even wonder how such a good person could have caused such a bad thing like the Great Destruction.Then after the series end she no longer hates Eiji nor his sister Sena whose order actually caused the Great Destruction.

It is also unclear as to why the Group of Ten wants Eiji to lead them despite him not being needed in the end and them being strong enough to win the final battle on their own. Eiji would have been handcuffed to a bed the entire final episode if they had their way. Sure they were making sure one of the ingredients for a second Great Destruction stayed away from the events that unfolded but he didn’t. They should have known that they couldn’t hold someone with his abilities for that long.

What I did like was the whole “be careful what you wish for” thing that they had going as well as the themes of love and forgiveness based around the relationship of Eiji and Sena. This was done very well. The end was also very well done though I didn’t like how all of the characters lost their powers because of the events that occurred. This anime was about average for me because of the problems I had with it. There were just too many.

I would recommend this anime to anyone who liked Deathnote or Kill la Kill because this series seems to be a mixture of the two.


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