Posted in 2016, painting

Painting Showcase – Sunset over lake


The goal of this painting was to help me improve my painting skills and it did that. I tried to make the sky a sunset like the image I loosely based it off of but I made a couple of mistakes. First of all the yellow of the sunset and a bit of the orange mixed with the blue to form a green colour. I should have expected that to happen but I didn’t. The other thing was the fact that the orange overpowered the yellow making the whole yellowy bit orange.

The lake I tried to make darker as it got closer but that didn’t work out. I painted the lake and the sky at the same time which is where my main problem came from. The entire bottom bit was just grey and you can see where some of the grey mixed with the orange in the sky. I covered most of the really bad areas with land. Like the background land which was too grey when I should have made it more dim blue. The foreground land covered the most and I am proud of it though I didn’t do a whole lot with it.

This painting is not quite finished. It’s in that stage where you I could finish it but I feel like there is something missing. I don’t know what though which is why it is finished until I can think of something to add.


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