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Re:Zero episodes 1-13 anime review

This is another anime I enjoyed however it is not my favourite. If I would rank it I would place it just above the Lost Village from last season. It is a beautiful anime and I love the world that has been created to house this interesting story. The characters are colourful and interesting. Even the magic system is complex even though it is literally the most generic magic system out there.

What I did not enjoy was all the questions I was left with. Why did Subaru go to this new world? How did it happen? Who is the jealous witch and what connection does she have to Subaru and Emilia? I know most of these questions will be answered as the story continues but I feel at least one of these questions should have been answered in these first few episodes.

Yeah these episodes did show Subaru coming to terms with his ability and realizing that he could use it to undo the terrible events that had happened, but he has to return by death so many times essentially resetting all the progress made by all the other characters in the last episode in the process. He gets closer to these characters but they are confused as to how Subaru knows them so well. He tries his hardest to make the other characters like him so that he can help them in the events he knows will happen because he was there three times already. In the beginning he died twice trying to make any progress in the story at all.

What annoys me the most about Subaru is how arrogant he acts. He acts all tough but it is literally all the other characters who do all the protecting. His sacrifice in about episode 9 was one of his redeeming moments but literally all he can do is sit and wait for his friends to come when he is in danger. He is useless and doesn’t try to get any better except for learning how to use magic which he is already awful at. He doesn’t learn how to use a sword. I find him annoying when he is trying to be funny during a serious scene or any scene in general.

I mainly watch this show for the other characters because I find that it is a story about them where Subaru was kind of just shoved in. Though I do have to admit that Subaru does get better after these first 13 episodes and this does make me like him a bit more, but in these episodes he is just annoying. The story becomes more about him and how he moves past dying a lot while keeping each of his memories when he returns by death. I can see it affecting his mental health.

Episode 12 introduced a lot of characters who will be important later but it also reintroduces characters who have been left behind when Subaru and Emilia left the capital. It is also when we can begin to see Subaru and Emilia’s relationship waver because Subaru right out disobeys Emilia and follows her anyways without worrying about the consequences. This leads to him getting beat up by a knight and having Emila leave him behind because she feels like he can’t be trusted in the next episode. It will be interesting how the story continues form here because episode 13 left on a very low note.

I can’t wait to continue watching this series and I hope that the next episodes will be better than these first 13. I have already watched the next 2 and it does get better which makes me happy. I will review the next season when it ends. I know that this series doesn’t really have seasons but I didn’t want to wait until I had to pay to get premium on Crunchy Roll just to rewatch it quickly to review. I would recommend this anime to anyone who loves high fantasy.


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