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Why I won’t finish watching Endride

Endride is an anime that was released on Funimation last season. I started watching it because from its description it sounded like the type of show that I enjoy. There is a fantasy type place in the center of the earth called Endra and people have special weapons they can summon out of their chests. Also there is another race other than the humans who populate Endra, a race comprised of human animal hybrids. These were cool and interesting.

I got to about episode five. There were a few things that were things that were really getting annoying. The first of these is the characters. Shun the protagonist loved rocks and is not from Endra. Emilio is hard headed and fights with Shun on a regular basis. That is all their characters are comprised of it seems. The humour is also annoying. A few times the gag where Shun throws up because he is so disgusted by the food because he isn’t used to it can only be used so many times. After the first couple days of being in Endra you would think that he would at least have developed more of a taste for the food.

A series about a land in the center of the earth made me think of The Journey to the Center of the Earth, however the anime made little sense. Why are warp particles only found in Endra? Why can’t they simply dig through the ground to get to the surface rather than building an entire tower? It just confuses me. Also how can there be a world in the center of the earth if we have all of this data compiled by geologists. The book is fine because that was written before we knew much about this subject. The anime isn’t because it was made afterwards. Also the newer movie based on the book is also fine because at least it gets hotter the deeper you get.

So yeah I won’t be finishing this series because the characters are awful and the setting makes little to no sense in this day and age. I am also not going to be finishing Aldermon of the Sky which is a new anime from this season on Crunchy Roll which has some of the same problems with the characters.


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