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Bungo Stray Dogs anime review

This was one of my favourite animes from this past season. Every week I would be excited to watch both Bungo Stray Dogs and Kiznaiver. Though this anime doesn’t evoke the same form of emotional responses as Kiznaiver does it still makes you cry. It also uses slightly morbid humour to make it funny which I find it does well.

All the characters each have a very strong character trait. For instance Kunikida is obsesses with his ideals that he literally has them written down in a book with ideals written on the cover in japanese. Ranpo is very overconfident to the point where he mocks the rest of the detective agency because they can’t solve cases as well as he can. Also he dislikes any trivial knowledge such as knowing how to ride a train and avoids learning it at all costs. Kenji is carefree to the point where he will believe the one responsible for a crime when they tell him that they didn’t commit the crime.

This anime also has special abilities but all the abilities have a downside so that they aren’t too overpowered. I really enjoyed finding out the abilities of each of the characters that has one. Kunikida can summon any object as long as it is the same size as the paper in his notebook. Dazai can cancel out any ability but he has to physically touch the ability user to do this which can get dangerous. Kenji has super strength but his stomach has to be completely empty for it to work. Yosano can heal but she can only heal fatal wounds so to heal a minor wound she has to make it fatal.

Though there is a cast of about 10 known characters at the moment I noticed that the plot only really focuses on 3 of them. They are Atsushi, Dazai, and Kunikida. Throughout the entire season Atsushi had a dilemma related to the last orphanage he was at. He was kicked out and called worthless. He later found out that he was kicked out because he became a tiger under the light of the full moon but that didn’t stop the words of the people at the orphanage from hurting any more. He doesn’t think he has any self worth and until he finds someone who feels the same way (which he does later on in the season) his problem isn’t solved.

Dazai is trying to protect the detectives of the armed detective agency and it is clear that he will go to great lengths to do this. As a former member of the port mafia this is made easier. It is Dazai who first helps Atsushi out and it is Dazai who finds the necessary information to protect Atsushi from the bounty that has been placed on his head.

Kunikida is suffering through his belief that he can’t save everyone because of something that happened in his past. He is mortified when he sees a bunch of kidnap victims get gassed even though he tried to save them. He feels that once someone is dead set for a bad fate that there is nothing to be done to save them He tells Atsushi this when he goes back to the ship to save a girl in one of the later episodes of the season. When he sees Atsushi succeed his belief weakens a bit though there aren’t really any events after this that provide evidence to this. It may simply be because he is happy to see a life be rescued.

I read the manga about halfway through because I was too excited for the next episode. I found that a few small changes were made from the manga to the anime. These changes were simply what characters said and when or some minor comedy relief. These few changes have helped make the anime much better than the manga in my opinion. Also a different art style is used in the anime which is better fleshed out and gives characters such as Dazai more defined and unique appearances. If none of these changes were made I don’t think I would have liked the anime because it would have been boring.

The end of the season brought the introduction of the antagonists of the next season. The guild which is a group of ability users that are named after famous literary figures, and the leader of the port mafia. I am excited to see how these characters will interact with the armed detective agency, especially the leader of the port mafia because he seemed to help Atsushi in the last episode. The season ended just after these characters were introduced which slightly annoys me but also makes me want to see what happens next.

I would recommend this anime to anyone who enjoys animes with special abilities and to anyone who enjoys morbid humour.

I hope there is a next season. I know I may find out if I simply google the series. Well I just did and the second season will air in October during the fall 2016 season. I can’t wait though I may be busy that month because of NaNo prep. I have some big ideas for then. Now I just have a few more animes to review. I decided that I will also review animes which are still ongoing where the first season just ended a couple of weeks ago. This means I will be reviewing Re:Zero.


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