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Painting Showcase – Plain Sea


This is a painting that I did last summer. I just wanted to paint the ocean and that was what I did. I painted the sky a fine blue gradient. The actual water I darkened because it is not as bright as any of the blues that I have. At the time the cloud was one of the best things that I had ever painted. Right now I think its not fluffy enough. Also there should be more clouds in the sky not just that one. Maybe that why I didn’t try as hard to make clouds in my more recent paintings.

The birds are simple. The sun is nice though its rays take up too much of the image and are too yellow. The waves are simple white lines that don’t get thinner or closer together the further they are from you. I think its too simple. I hope to improve and maybe one of the paintings I paint this summer will be another ocean scene like this one.


2 thoughts on “Painting Showcase – Plain Sea

  1. This had a really nice feel to it. Perhaps make the edges of the cloud more wispy? Keep your brush fairly dry, don’t use too much paint and sweep around the edges. Just an idea. I like your use of colour 😊


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